The OC Portal


The name’s Supy, I’m one of OC’s developers. My role is to create and maintain software for OC that improves the efficiency of the staff to carry out their duties. I also fulfill the role of an admin at the LANs.

The purpose of this article is to introduce to you one of my endeavours: the Portal.
The Portal is a tournament, clan and event management website. It’s been a personal project of mine before I joined the crew, but its purpose was only reinforced thereafter. We have already made use of it internally for a few LANs, but we plan to (and have actually begun to) include you lanners soon!

Features include:

  • Lanner and clan profiles
  • Event information and statistics
  • Automated tournament management
  • Match history for clans

The Portal allows lanners to see what’s happening at the current event, who is attending, which of your friends have arrived at the LAN, create and enter clans in tournaments and more...


Users cannot register on the Portal. If you have been to OC before, then you already have an account. If you provided us with a valid email address when you registered at OC, then you can submit a lost password request on the Portal to have a new password sent to you. If you cannot remember the email address you provided, or it is no longer valid, feel free to come up to the admin desk at your next OC and we’ll be more than willing to change it for you.