Borderlands 2, Torchlight 2 - No Internet, No Problem

So recently these games were released, Borderlands 2 (aka Dubstepguns 2) and Torchlight 2. Who was not excited for these two LAN games? It seems as if these were definitely the most popular games played this past September OC.

You want to play offline, no internet, no problem. The game designers thought about us Lanners for a change, by adding completely offline LAN capabilities to these games. Each game has a wonderfully unique LAN feature; In Torchlight 2 players can host a game, leave and the hosted game will continue as long as at least one other player remains. This basically means that players can be in games where the original hosts are no longer present.Even more amazing is Borderlands 2 multiplayer feature, where "single" players can just go into menu and enable LAN/Online multiplayer mid game. This allows others player looking for a coop game to drop in and out at will. Turning off multiplayer is just as simple.
I know some people had problems running borderlands 2, I know this because I was one of them. After installing, clicking play, the game would not start for no apparent reason. No error message, nothing, while everyone else’s game works fine. 
Luckily thanks to my best friend, I realised it was a problem with steam, would have been nice to have a little bread crumb, or some kind of error message. To everyone else who had the same issue, hope this helps.
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