How to play "Get A Clue"

Are you ready to get a Clue?!

So you have seen this "Get a Clue" banner on OC website and Facebook...But still have no Clue whats its about....

How it works :

Step 1 :  Book Online (Like normal) for OC

Step 2 : Check this link for your team colour

*Once you have paid and gotten your confirmation email will you have a team colour*

Step 3 : Go to OC Facebook and answer the daily riddles to train for the Game (Dont want to let your team down!)

Step 4 :  Arrive at OC, play games and be a OC GAMER! ( so easy)

Step 5 :  Game Starts at 10am on SATURDAY(Bushpig will call teams, give you your 1st clue...then the RACE is on)

Step 6 : Search for clues, scan codes, follow signs, answer riddles, finish tasks and more....

On this clue trail, you and your team must use your combined brain power to find the last clue to WIN.

Step 7 : Figured out a Clue answer? Go to Bushpig to get the location of the next clue

Clear some questions :

  • You can still join teams @ the LAN if you didn't book
  • How many clues are there? Only I know Moohahha there are many!
  • What if my team gets stuck on a clue? Go to bushpig she will help
  • Can I change teams to be with my friend/ girlfriend/ brother/ dog? Nope you can't, time to make new friends!
  • Can I use my phone to google answers? Nope, no one likes a cheater. If you cheat your whole team loses :( no winning for you!
  • What if I dont want to play but have a team already? No one is forcing you to play...its just a fun social to meet new people and do something epic!
  • What do we win? - wait and see :)
  • OC Spectators can play

Rules :

  • No Google power for answers, only brains
  • No jumping to other teams
  • No helping other teams (even if you are in another team or not playing Get a Clue)
  • Cant jump clues or skip clues (bushpig has a checklist of where you are in the game)
  • Everyone playing must have an OC armband and be part of the event.
  • Everyone playing must wear their team colour sticker